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A Short Bio

I'm Roger Mac

most people know me as:

An Activist
Working to solve some of humanities greatest challenges including educational, environmental and the fight for the preservation of our planet’s biodiversity.

A Coach
Author of The Quantum Combination and a thought leader dedicated to unlocking the highest of human creative potential.

A Photographer
Featured consecutive times by top global brands, and known for registering man’s connection to the natural world.

A Designer
An award winning digital designer who’s brought to life thousands of businesses and brands, and collaborated with some of the world’s biggest brands.

To many this may seem like a little bit too much, but If you notice the fine line that unites all the labels together, you’ll find in essence someone on the front lines, pushing forward humanity’s creative potential.

Certifications and Accreditations

Interesting Facts and Feats


  • Roger launched Digital Native Studio, an international digital branding agency working exclusively with clients who pioneer in innovation, research and conservation, and which is also one of the few to run on 100% renewable energy and offsets its carbon footprint.
  • Roger also completed a 3 year Diploma in Zoology, and Climate Change with the UN Environment Programme, for the purpose of enhancing his creative ability in the front lines of conservation.
  • At the same time Roger combined efforts with NGOs to create – a project dedicated to design solutions for non profits who are committed to Conservation and Education, or have a goal of creating a fair and just world.
  • Since the beginning of the year, Roger’s work has since been featured by major brands such as FUJIFILM, Eastpak, FStop, and Conservation Travel Africa.


  • Roger became certified in Human Centred Design and pivoted his design career to focus almost entirely on solving global issues and aiding in conservation.
  • Traveled back to Africa and took part in building wildlife inventories in Kenya and Tanzania, and help improve communities in need.
  • Gets certified by PADI for Open Water Diving, and AIDA for Freediving with AIDA 16m CWT, 2′ STA, 40m DYN, and starts training for the ultimate expedition of his life into Arctic Waters in 2022.
  • During the course of the year he also continued his coaching practise to focus more on value and mission driven education for the attainment of fulfillment.

2016 – 2018

  • During this period, Roger moved from Rio de Janeiro to Portugal and settled in the country as base.
  • Produced and launched The Quantum Combination, a holistic approach to Achieving your Highest Potential, and presented his teachings on Mediation and Visualization in a number of closed events in Florence and Barcelona.
  • During this period Roger also aided in launching numerous other projects in personal development both locally and internationally, such as the Silva Method.
  • On a whim, began designing and doing photography assignments for big accounts, like the Tourism Board of Indonesia and Intel.

2009 – 2015

  • Steadily trading into personal development, he was integrated into the The Second Grand Council of Fibonacci, a mastermind initiated by a group of professors and researchers dedicated to discovering the potential of the human mind through hypnosis and guided meditation.
  • Later he obtained an international life coaching certification and began coaching as a career, with a 100% success rate, inspiring him to write his first book, later known as The Quantum Combination.

1999 – 2008

  • In the early days of his professional life, Roger was divided between passion and duty, but both dilligent and flawless at both. He achieved numerous awards in design, such as the American Design Awards, FFA awards for motion graphics, and racked over 10 Gold and Silver awards for web design.
  • Roger was also published numerous times in the famous Web Design Index books, and in the first book featuring Portuguese Graphic Designers and Illustrators “Musa Book” published by the world reknowed IDN – International Design Network.
    During the early stages of his career, he also did numerous exhibits in both design and photography all over Portugal, the USA and Sweden, getting his work featured by ETIC_, The Peppin Press, ICOGRADA and AIGA, and earned himself an honorable mention in Photography handed personally by the city Mayor.