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Rogerio Macieira — Travel & Conservation Photography

Passion Born in Nature

I’m Roger Mac, though the real name is Rogerio Macieira.

I was born in the Kingdom of Swaziland surrounded by nature and wildlife, which is probably where my huge passion for adventure and the natural world came from.
I’m now a lead designer and a photographer, specialising in themes around sustainable development, wildlife conservation and the environment. It might seem like a lot, but I believe that to truly make a difference you really need to excel in more than 1 discipline.

In my body of work, I always try to involve and capture the optimism and beauty in diversity, and I tend to prefer the most uncommon places to do just that because the most exquisite and rarest of beings and features are found precisely in those places.
I always try to reflect the true essence of any subject, to entice the sense of wonder and awe in those viewing my work, and maybe inspire people to go seek the experience of being connected to the authentic rawness of nature for themselves.

This focus on nature at its most splendid has allowed me to feature my work on numerous top platforms including FujiFilm, National Geographic and Eastpak, and also several other important platforms for conservation and eco-tourism.

In 2018 I founded The Expedition Society, which leads small groups on photographic expeditions to uncommon destinations. And in 2019 I founded Digital Native Studio which is a Design studio that develops branding and design solutions aligned with Sustainable Development Goals. The goal with the creation of the studio is to not only practice ethical branding but to also make a positive impact on the planet through the work of my clients.

If you’re interested in collaborating with me, in just saying hello, or joining me on my next trip, email me at

Recent Certifications


Storytelling for Change
Acumen Academy


Diploma in Conservation

The CPD Certification Service + Skills & Education Group Awards


Master in Social Innovation

PlayGround + Learning by Helping – Laboratorio creativo de innovación social y ambiental.


Design for Environmental Sustainability and Social Impact