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Digital Native Studio

Human-centred Design Studio
Digital Native studio was born from the need to implement the transformative power of design towards good and in a way that is accessible to all. The studio focuses mainly on transforming client services and projects into greener and more sustainable practises that balance out and give back to the planet with more human-centred solutions, conservation practises and sutainable options.

Wild Movement

Non-profit for Conservation and Education

Wild Movement is a non-profit project that uses all human-centred design to solve human, education and conservation challenges.
The methodology focuses exclusively on the needs of the communities and nature surrounding the problem and creating solutions from that point of view, rather than from the point of view from the client or the design team.
Wild Movement’s aim is to create a more inclusive and just world where communities and nature can live together in harmony.

Quantum Combination

Research on Personal Development

The Quantum Combination is a holistic coaching program aimed at getting you unstuck from those situations in life where there seems to be no way out.
It combines the best meditation and creative visualization techniques, which are backed up by scientific research, to create the altered states of mind that will allow you to elevate all areas of your life, and achieve goals that were initially inconceivable.